We have in our main yard in Neuquén Industrial Park a large repair and maintenance shop for our fleet, which includes:

  • Cleaning and lubrication
  • Welding
  • Repair and production of parts
  • Lathe and milling machines
  • Tire shop
  • Painting
  • Hydraulic
  • Design and modification of trucks

Support and Transport Units

Our transport division has a fleet of more than 300 owned units; trailers, trucks, carts, cranes, large size forklifts, winch trucks, telescopic handlers, others. These abundant resources, combined with our long experience, allow us to carry out large transactions successfully.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Transportes Crexell has mobile cleaning equipment mounted on trucks and trailers to do the cleaning and maintenance of derricks and equipment cleaning on site.


Tailor Made

The company adapts to the customer's needs.


Snow Grooming Services

Transportes Crexell provides snow grooming services to maintain a high-quality terrain during winter season. We offer a variety of PistenBully´s models:

  • PistenBully 600 conveys last innovation, performance, power and technology. Stronger snow shield with integral snow-gun mount, uprated hydraulic cylinders which allows to have more stability, better force transfer and rolling characteristics. The new winch 360° unlimited ensures a uniformly high tractive force and cable speed, regardless of the length of cable still reeled on the grooved drum.
  • PB300 polar: As a combined snow moving and towing machine, PistenBully 300 Polar is a real power pack - with its high tractive power it can easily pull two or three sleds with a total weight of 35 to 40 tonnes, while pushing ice and snow with its sturdy pushing blade or snow blower. Transportes Crexell has two PB300 polar, one of them with winch.
  • PB300 Green Tech: To give the best performance during winter season, it’s necessary to perform soil movement, remove undergrowth and draft properly slopes during summer so that afterwards the efficiency of the snow grooming in the ski centers may be the best. PistenBully GreenTech can perform all these tasks by being able to operate on steep slopes thanks of its excellent characteristics of pushing and leveling floors. The PistenBully 300 Green Tech is also suitable for harvesting, construction of landfills and spreading of crushed rock.


In addition to conditioning the slopes of ski centers, Transportes Crexell also has equipment for the assembly of lifting media: winch trucks, road machines, cranes and trucks with integral traction to work on any mountain.

We have provided our services in Chapelco (San Martín de los Andes - Neuquén), Perito Moreno (Bolsón - Río Negro), Las Leñas (Mendoza), Catedral (Bariloche - Río Negro)


Wind Transportation

Transportes Crexell believes that renewable energies represent a solution to our future. We have trained and capable personal with experience in the transport of wind power generators. We offer the services:

  • Logistics of transport of wind turbines: unloading of components with auxiliary cranes from vessel.
  • Complete transport of wind turbine to the wind site: blades, towers, generators and hubs.
  • Pre-assembly of wind turbine T1 and T2
  • Repairs and maintenance of windmill: change of generators, transmitters, rotors, axes and blades.

To accomplish objectives in time and efficiently, our fleet of cranes and Goldhofer wind transport equipment has strengthened us as the main reference in transportation services of wind components in Argentina. We have the following equipment:

  • Telescopic crane and all terrain cranes ranging from 20 tons to 500 tons capacity
  • Last generation derricks on trucks MACK Granite Elite, Kenworth C500, Volvo A40 and Scania that allows us to attend any kind of drilling equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Semi-extensible trailers Goldhofer brand trailers to carry shovels
  • Extendable cart Goldhofer brand for the transport of section sections of towers, generators and hubs
  • Modular lines Goldhofer THP / SL for transport of transmitters and generators
  • Extendable beam and depressed bed of up to 300 tons for transporting the tubes
  • Goldhofer directional semi-trailers of 12/16/32 wheels for transporting oversized loads from port / factory to location or wind site

We work actively as contractors and subcontractors in PE Rawson III, PE Corti, PE Achiras, PE Madryn I, PE Springs Behr II and currently in Bicentennial I; La Banderita and Diadema.


Transport of liquid loads

We have tank trucks of 35m3 capacity for the transport of water from location to location 24 hours according to the customer's request. Transportes Crexell also have trucks chupa of 9 mt3 and superchupa trucks of 35 mt3 used for the extraction of liquids found in the fracture pools and also containers, high vacuum trucks of 12 m3 for the cleaning/extraction of liquids from tanks/separators and their transport there for.

Supporting transport of liquid loads, Transportes Crexell also offers the transport of solid loads whose equipment includes:

  • Solid truck used to transport pumping rods, tubing pipes, tools.
  • We have winches to move the pools from location to location as requested by the client.
  • Two gang of personnel supervising and performing tasks (loading and unloading trucks).
  • Light truck for movement from warehouse to equipment (solid loads not greater than 500 kg)

Sand Transportation

We offer sand transport service with self-unloading equipment that is characterized by having 10 compartments inside the tank where each compartment is loaded by gravity and discharged by self-discharge.